with Gusto.

with Gusto.

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I don’t know how I haven’t lost many followers the past two years of me being inactive…does anyone even remember me? I could have died and no one would’ve known…my photos would keep getting reblogged tho. lolz.

Dancey pants

This has been the fourth time i’ve said it but,

Life has been too busy and I just really suck at this tumblr gig. Ya’ll can follow me on my instagram (purdypayt) until i’ve mustered the ability to update better! Sorry! 


ps: I miss you all!

Who are you voting for today?

Svenskas sommar, Summer in Sweden 2012

Erika Persson and Jerome(the Horse), Summer in Sweden 2012


Youth Lagoon

Afternoon, Youth Lagoon

Julia Lund, Summer in Sweden 2012

"Always be pure, simple and honest"

Tea Bag 

Mathilda Lund, Summer in Sweden 2012

Michelle Heart, Summer in Sweden 2012

Krista Breznau, Summer in Sweden 2012

I’M (still) ALIVE

I know I posted the same thing two months ago, but i’ve been busier than a beaver with nine childrens lately and I can’t seem to make the time to post much here anymore. But i’m  gonna make it a goal to post at least once a month. Love ya all!

p.c.- Krista Breznau
check out her psychedelic photos at-http://kristabreznau.tumblr.com/ and follow her! 


“The most interesting information comes from children, for they tell all they know and then stop. -Mark Twain”

Jungle Gym King
biggiesmallzzz by jb